The world we live in, is undergoing a constant process of ever faster changes. With societies and industries in transformation, new markets emerging and traditional businesses redefining themselves, the challenges are numerous. So are the chances. Be it the rapid growth in regional, national and global logistics, or The individual transport at all levels, modern life is more than ever pivoting around one central factor: mobility.

Today‘s demands need future proof solutions and the environmental impact of mobility for the 21st Century is just one important aspect that needs to be addressed. Rail bound transport technology offers the most advanced solutions in terms of sustainable development and maximum efficiency. Platzer Rail Holding and its operating unit TecSol GmbH are pioneers in merging intelligent rail transport solutions with state-of-the-art railway engineering.


By comparison of all air, sea and land transport modes, rail bound mobility is by far THE most sustainable of all motorised means of transport for passengers, as well as for freight. This concerns all aspects, from energy consumption, CO2, noise and other hazardous emissions, to external costs and land consumption. Electric traction in particular, increases the advantages, as stationary power production is far less fossil fuel consumptive and pollutive, than the use of on board Diesel engines.

In the best of all cases, the electrical energy is produced from clean or renewable sources, with state-of-the-art recuperation technology further reducing the overall cumulative energy balance. Electric railway traction is sustainable mobility by concept. Constantly pioneering new technological boundaries, strategically utilising the concept of value added refurbishment, as well as offering the flexibility of highly individualised rail rental services, are the key strong points of the PRH business concept.